Good areas to hunt in NorCal.

topic posted Mon, August 29, 2005 - 4:23 PM by  Rayn
I've been wanting to get back out and hunt for crystals again. i'm assuming the places I found crystals as a child are mostly likely dry now.. but more importantly I don't even know where that camp is anymore. Does anyone know any areas to go out and find some? I'm particularly interest in smoky quartz.. cheap as it may be it has a lot of personal significance. I don't over hunt, the crystals I would actually take are the ones that pique my curiosity the most so if you have a "secret" place, your secret would be safe with me.
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    Thu, December 1, 2005 - 1:41 PM
    First off fine smokey isnt cheap escpecially local stuff and no place youve been to is dry. It might be more work but generally, people do not know how to dig for crystals and what they do is skim across the top of a deposit. If youre in nor cal most of the deposits are hydrothermal or contact metamorphic which you can study yourself but basically these types of deposits are huge!. You cant just dig it dry. It will just look like it because people come along and skim the top and their muck covers up everything. First thing you do is muck. then you muck some more . Then you have to do some mucking. Its all about mucking. Thats how you move rock. if you want the goods, you must muck alot. none a this poking with youre screwdriver. you might find little shit. But when you start moveing rock, youll start reaping reward. Peace, love , blessings and good luck
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      Thu, December 1, 2005 - 5:58 PM
      Hah.. well the places I went it was literally using only my hands. But I assume thats because at some point of time the road that was made there cut through a hillside and over the years erosion washed away the dirt down to the crystals where it was as easy as opening your eyes and looking to find little bits of them stick out. So what you're saying is for hydrothermal look around the Lassen area?
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        Wed, January 11, 2006 - 3:07 PM
        hwy 70 many many hydrothermal veins right off the side of the highway some
        nice clear quartz. like chris was saying you just dig dig and keep digging to get to the bottom of things and see whats going on. if you want the good stuff smoky thats another story its alot more rare in northern ca but there is the incline village site near Tahoe hope this helps.

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